Dec 01, 2011

With street artists continuing to gain international recognition in both the institutionalized art world and street art realms, the work of Blu is currently reaching the top of the list of admired street artists. He manages massive feats of stop motion animation, as seen above in his ten minute Big Bang Big Boom video. Crafting impermanent worlds on streets throughout Europe and Latin America Blu’s work, similar to Tessa Farmer’s, gives us a glimpse into worlds that we often don’t see, or choose not to see.

Blu’s work is revelatory. Once you get past the wondering of how he manages to make the videos and massive murals he does, you’re swept up in the world he’s creates. His monsters and creatures, some friendly, some mean, and some morphing from one to the other, enchants those that come in contact with them. In his mural work, left on walls throughout his travels, he manages to connect to the people and lands – acknowledging heritage, history, and current struggle.

In spring of this year Italian filmmaker Lorenzo Fonda released a documentary (exclusively on he made about Blu and their travels through Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Argentina. The film’s trailer is below and is real testament to the humility, poetry and quiet magic that Blu creates.