What does Kindle Project do?

Kindle Project is an outside-the-box grantmaking organization supporting wild solutions, by unusual suspects, in the attempt to move mountains.

We are an agile philanthropic organization invested in democratized, collaborative, and strategic grantmaking that aligns donors and projects for meaningful impact.

  • We serve as a bridge between inspired donors and visionary projects.
  • We run an experimental philanthropic organization, innovating creative and participatory grantmaking methods and programs.
  • We give grants and awards to leading-edge projects and people.
  • We cultivate unique and meaningful relationships with our donors, community partners, and grantees.
  • We act as an intermediary, developing and managing unique funding programs in collaboration with our donors.
  • We facilitate the flow of capital and collaborative practices that move from the transactional into the relational.

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Why does the world need Kindle Project?

Kindle believes that traditional philanthropy is has fallen short of addressing some of the world’s greatest problems.

When Kindle Project was formed in 2008 a giving model emerged from the vision of our co-founders that supports the creative evolution of philanthropy.

Kindle was created to support the vision and work of those who are so often overlooked by mainstream philanthropy. Our model focuses on: discovering and supporting the underdogs and a diversity of voice; creativity and experimentation with our grantmaking practices; diversifying our decision-making practices; and working to create a more equitable and transparent redistribution of wealth.

As a donor, why should I partner with Kindle Project?

Kindle Project acts as a bridge between innovative donors and visionary people and projects. Join us!

In addition to directing a range of support to impactful individuals and organizations, Kindle Project is a catalyst for experimentation and fresh thinking in the larger philanthropic sector.

By choosing to be a part of Kindle Project’s circle of donors, you will join other creative collaborators influencing a new wave of proactive philanthropy. Giving to Kindle Project means that you are supporting cutting edge projects and people, engaging in outside-the-box grantmaking, and helping to transform the field of philanthropy.

We’ve created structures that are nimble and flexible to support a diversity of projects with sound due diligence.

What do I get from collaborating with Kindle Project that I couldn’t do with my own foundation or another Donor Advised Fund?

It can take years to move from vision to implementation when starting a funding program, with lots of bumps along the way. You don’t have to start from scratch.

We’ve put in the hard work to design and build Kindle Project from the ground up, and feel proud of what we’ve created.

Some of our donors also have their own private foundations or Donor Advised Funds, and find that they feel isolated or stuck in their giving – or limited by a mission that was put in place by an older generation. Supporting and collaborating with Kindle Project brings them into a community, collaboration and inspiration – introducing them to new ways of thinking, funding and impacting the larger field of philanthropy.

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What do you mean Kindle Project doesn’t have a single area of focus?

We direct our funding and support to people and projects taking meaningful risks and approaching their work with creativity, innovation, resiliency, collaboration, humor, and courage.

Well, we don’t have an area of focus because we practice our own unique approach of holistic and systemic change grantmaking, cross-pollinating across issue areas, movements and fields.

We believe that the spaces brewing at the intersection of crises, approaches, and solutions is often the most fertile and potent grounds for change to occur. It’s for this reason that we don’t limit ourselves to specific areas of focus.

Who funds Kindle Project?

Kindle Project donor partners are artists, seed savers, punk-rockers, activists, and entrepreneurs. They come from eclectic backgrounds, with diverse interests.

For some of our donors, Kindle Project is only a small part of their giving, while for others it’s a focal point. Our donors come from across the country with varied philanthropic backgrounds. Some are brand new to giving with earned income while others are inheritors of wealth and have a lot of experience.

We are currently supported by a small but growing group of anonymous, bold, creative and collaborative donors who not only see the value in Kindle’s approach and style of grantmaking but are also excited to dream into what the future our experimental philanthropy can look like.

Are you interested in becoming a donor partner to Kindle?

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What is Kindle Project’s recipe for holistic and creative grantmaking?

There is no one route, no set metrics, and no certain formula for a dynamic grantmaking experience. Success looks different for everyone and that’s why we think of how we work in terms of values and relationship goals.

The way we give has to match our values and here are the ingredients that make this work:

We believe that experimentation and creativity are core to creating meaningful funding relationships. We operate as a living philanthropic organization willing to get creative and play with dynamic programming.

We know how important it is to be responsive, nimble and flexible when working with the shifting needs of our grantees and the contexts that they work in. That’s why we put a high value on funding methods that can support this. Whenever possible we aim to provide multi-year commitments, general operating support and use flow funds to help reach communities and work that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

We know that paying close attention to the power dynamics present in any funder/grantee relationship is essential. To address this we aim to flip decision-making power on its head by working with flow funds, welcoming community members into our decision-making and asking previous grantees and awardees to nominate groups and individuals for future consideration.

Trusting relationships are at the core of our work and are held in dynamic, equitable and creative ways. We focus on building trust and sharing stories of success and ‘failure’ as a key part of our work.

And lastly, we reframe risk as opportunity. We are free to take risks because of who we are. Our creative structure, our pool of remarkable donors, and our diverse grantee community, reinforces the strength in what can happen when those on the supposed fringes are given support.