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Fueling people-powered giving

We create new grantmaking practices that democratize the flow of money, discover and support projects that are often overlooked by mainstream philanthropy, and share resources that are by and for the community. We elevate people-powered giving models in philanthropy by addressing how resources are moved, who has power, and who gets funded. We build bold, experimental programs that disrupt the status quo in philanthropy.

We are seeking donations to support our core mission and programs. There are two ways that you can support our bodacious work: provide us with a grant for general support or direct your donation to a specific program. General support enables us to create, evolve, and document innovative grantmaking approaches. Directing your funds to core programs helps them grow and have greater impact.

Some core programs seeking support:

The Kindle Project

Our founding grantmaking program supports those who are less likely to be funded by mainstream philanthropy because they are “risky.” We seek out and invest in rebels, rabble-rousers, risk-takers and underdogs. Since we believe the most fertile ground for change is at the intersections of crises and community-led solutions, we don’t limit our focus to single-issue areas. Often we are the first to fund people and projects that go on to have wider visibility and impact down the line. Check out our list of grant partners.

Indigenous Women’s Flow Fund

The Indigenous Women’s Flow Fund (IWFF) is an Indigenous-led grantmaking program that nourishes community-sourced initiatives offering solutions and alternatives to systems in crisis. Grounded in trust-based philanthropic approaches, IWFF brings together five Indigenous women from across North America to be decision-makers over grantmaking dollars. Kindle Project is currently seeking additional donors that are excited about shifting the power of grantmaking into the hands of Indigenous women to join this collaborative fund.

Community-Powered Philanthropy Toolbox

Kindle Project is a hub for thought leadership and skill development for community-powered philanthropy. We’re building tools and educational materials for donors and community-based decision-makers who participate in our programs. Our Indie Philanthropy Initiative toolbox celebrates methods, resources, case studies, and best practices for radical giving, and helps promote these path-breaking approaches to the public. We welcome your help in sharing them more broadly.
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