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Ignite an unconventional fund

Our diverse team brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the table. We have expertise in a wide range of issues and strategies and are unafraid to co-create vibrant, new ways of giving. In partnership with donors, we develop and manage area-of-impact and participatory-grantmaking funds that create meaningful change and connection. We build relational bridges founded on trust, which frees our partners to do their best work.
If you want to launch a new fund managed by Kindle Project, we look forward to hearing from you.

How does Kindle Project partner with donors?

Our relationships with donors are special and deepen over time. Some partners desire frequent connection, others take a more hands-off approach. All partnerships begin with joint exploration to collaboratively hone a shared vision for a program. We know best practices are emergent, and always strive to create meaningful interventions that change philanthropy for the better.

What types of funds and programs are possible with Kindle Project?

We build funds and programs from the ground up. Depending on the needs of the community and the vision of the donor(s), we get excited to roll up our sleeves and create something unique. We can design and manage area-of-focus funds, giving circles, Flow Funds, community-juried panels, open calls, and hybrids and experiments in between. To get inspired, check out:

Participatory grantmaking funds democratize giving and shift power to community decision-makers.

Focused funds creatively invest in change-makers working in particular areas of focus.

What specific services does Kindle Project offer?

We build programs from the ground up. All special funds housed at Kindle Project include a range of support depending on the needs and goals of the initiating donor. The menu of possible support includes: design, creation, and implementation; management of community-based decision-maker/grantee relationships; facilitation of Flow Fund and learning cohorts; communications outreach and amplification; due diligence; and financial management, legal compliance, and reporting. Typically, Kindle Project administers programs that are set up in-house, but other arrangements are possible. For complete details on what we offer, please contact us.

Why do donors choose to partner with us?

Our donor partners are diverse and appreciate Kindle Project for different reasons, including:
~ having a fun, collaborative partner with the skills to operationalize a dream
~ moving money in creative ways while maintaining anonymity (if desired)
~ being able to give to individuals, 501c3 organizations, and independent projects through innovative grantmaking structures
~ grantmaking that shifts power in new ways, toward community-led solutions
~ enjoying a strong sense of community and support
~ benefitting from our expertise in managing participatory grantmaking processes, Flow Funds, and learning cohorts
~ working with a partner who loves pushing the edges of what’s possible but assures everything is compliant with laws and regulations
~ launching a program with all the wisdom from the field, without having to hire new staff
~ collaborating and experiencing  a “radical donor school,” learning about the field and how to creatively disrupt it
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