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Sparking solutions for your giving

Kindle Project is thrilled to offer coaching, consulting, and advising to individuals, institutions, and family foundations seeking to align their values with their grantmaking and take their work to the next level. Whether you are just starting out, looking to shift the way you have been giving, or are simply wanting to fine-tune your grantmaking, Kindle Project brings a committed team with a wealth of experience to support you in your giving. We are available to work with you to uncover your radical imagination, name your visions and dreams—and then implement and operationalize them.

How does Kindle Project work with clients?

As a relationship-based philanthropic intermediary, we tailor our offerings to each client. We start by listening to your ideas and desires. We ask questions to draw out your vision and priorities. From there, we design a collaboration to deliver value and meet your needs. This could be anything from a handful of coaching sessions over several months all the way to preparing an annual funding docket for you or your foundation across multiple years.
Our Indie Philanthropy Toolbox is brimming with methods, resources, and case studies from our community of practice. And our experienced (and fun) team takes a highly individualized approach, working with a limited number of clients to maintain the highest integrity in our relationships.

What services does Kindle Project offer for hire?

Participatory grantmaking

If you want to start a participatory grantmaking fund or want to bring participatory approaches to your existing grantmaking but aren’t sure where to start or don’t have the staff capacity or experience, we bring over a decade of expertise. We can help you or your institution find ways to democratize decision-making power by building on your existing programming, starting something new from the ground up, or offering ideas for how to move money with the community.

Docket development and project discovery

If you already have a sense of what you want to focus your giving on, but don’t have the time or connections to clarify your strategy, research the most aligned organizations, or interface with potential grantees, you can outsource that work to Kindle Project. Our skilled team will do the groundwork, creating a set of recommendations tailored to your vision.

Giving-plan coaching

If you have the time and interest to do your own research and manage relationships with grantees but you need support to create a clear strategy and giving plan, Kindle Project can help. We will walk you through a supportive process of identifying your values, vision, and goals; clarifying your strategy, budget, and timeline; and choosing your methods of giving. Our contract can end there, or we can be there for you over time for periodic coaching, learning, or reflection sessions.

Program design, redesign, and implementation

If you want to launch a new funding program, especially if it’s participatory and trust-based, Kindle Project’s team can help you design and implement it successfully. We can also support you to evaluate and redesign a current or past program, reinvigorating it for current needs and goals. Additionally, we can support the implementation of your programs with convening and facilitation.

Intergenerational collaboration

Whether you are an elder hoping to find refreshing ways to engage the next generation in giving or a young donor hoping to learn about practices that break out of the box of traditional philanthropy, Kindle Project is excited to support you.
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