We believe philanthropy can do more.

A better world requires reimagining grantmaking structures and challenging fundamental assumptions of how philanthropy works. We ignite creative ideas for moving money, elevating trust-based, people-powered giving models and participatory decision-making practices.

Whether you have the seed of an idea or a well formed vision, Kindle Project can help you bring it into reality. With your vision and commitment + our experience and team, we’ll build a better future while making an impact here and now.
We offer tailored opportunities for engagement with our donor partners. We work with individual donors, foundations, and philanthropic institutions, and each relationship we foster is unique. Join us!

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Invest in our mission
We build people-powered giving models that revolutionize how resources are moved, who has power, and who gets funded. We build creative programs and invite you to join us as a funder.

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Start a fund
In collaboration with donors, we build relational bridges founded on trust, creating participatory-grantmaking and impact funds that lead to meaningful change and connection.

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Uplevel your work
We offer expert consulting and advising for individual donors, institutions and family foundations seeking to align their values with their grantmaking and take their work to the next level.
We are a women-founded, women of color-led, grassroots philanthropic organization working intersectionally to build bridges, flip power, and support community-driven philanthropy.
By taking meaningful risks and experimenting, we are a creative disruption to status-quo philanthropy. Since 2008, we have given more than $6 million to over 450 grantees through programs that democratize philanthropic practice while supporting ground-breakers and risk-takers.
We offer tailored opportunities for engagement with our donor partners.
Some donors support us with an unrestricted donation, which makes our mission possible. Others partner with us for our expertise in designing and implementing special funds. We also offer fee-for-service coaching, consulting, and advising to individual philanthropists and grantmaking institutions.
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