Christian Michael Filardo

Mar 16, 2018
My name is Christian Michael Filardo. I am an agender Filipino American photographer and composer living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Over the past three years I’ve been making photographs all over the state documenting my everyday existence with various cameras. When I began thinking about my story I decided that it would be best presented as a list. A list of facts about me. The type of list that tells you more than you’d expect.

  • Last year I wore an all-white denim outfit.
  • Recently, my favorite photograph is “Portrait of cherries” by Shoji Ueda.
  • My partner is obsessed with cowboys.
  • Lately, I’ve been eating egg fried rice for breakfast.
  • I was gifted an air plant for Christmas, I like it, it needs to be soaked often.
  • I saved a firework given to me on the 4th of July, the packaging says “THINK PINK”.
  • There is a New Mexico State Flag in my window
  • I borrowed a 15lbs dumbbell from my roommate
  • I rescued a tumbleweed from the Mormon Battalion Monument on the way to Albuquerque.
  • Walking is my favorite thing to do.
  • My favorite color is yellow.
  • My favorite bird is the Zebra Finch
  • Luigi Ghirri’s essays have been inspiring me.
  • My favorite flower was the sunflower but now I like tulips best.
  • One of my fondest memories is from when I was a child. I was on the beach in the Philippines with my father and we were making a sandcastle of a turtle. I was really scared of sharks as a kid. My favorite fruit is Mango.
  • I love when my mom makes biscuits and gravy when I visit.

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Below are all images from my sequence “Spritz” which was made during a recent trip to Treviso, Italy.