Chevron Found Guilty of Massive Contamination in Equador

Feb 23, 2011

This week an unprecedented and incredibly important blow was struck for environmental protection, human rights and corporate accountability. In a historic decision, after a 17 year legal battle, an Ecuadorian court has found Chevron guilty of massive environmental contamination and ordered the company to pay $9 billion to clean up their mess, provide potable water, and fund critical health care.

The decision from the Lago Agrio judge vindicates what indigenous peoples and local farmers have been saying, and suffering, for decades – that Chevron drilled, dumped, and never looked back. Now, a court of Chevron’s choosing, using mostly the company’s own evidence, has found that the company is liable in one of the largest judgments against a US company for crimes abroad.

Amazon Watch and its supporters stand in celebration and solidarity with the 30,000 plaintiffs who have achieved this tremendous milestone in their struggle for justice.

At this moment in history we are asking each of you to redouble your effort and join with the plaintiffs who will continue to fight until Chevron cleans up its toxic mess.

Visit and send a message to Chevron’s CEO!
Change your Facebook profile picture to show your solidarity, and share with your friends.

Also, please donate to the Clean Up Ecuador Campaign
so that we may continue and expand our efforts to make Chevron clean up the Amazon.

The long struggle for justice will not end until the affected communities get a clean up, potable water, and critical funds for health care. But this week we are one pivotal step closer to justice.

Thank you for your support!

Han Shan
Coordinator, Clean Up Ecuador Campaign

The content of this post was taken from the Amazon Watch newsletter. For more information on Amazon Watch please visit their site.