Announcing the 2018 Makers Muse Artist Awardees!

Dec 12, 2018

Every year, we pleasantly shock a small handful of remarkable individuals with an unsolicited cash gift. We strive to find people who are making an extraordinary creative contribution to the world, but are not “the usual suspects” when it comes to arts funding.

This year we broke the good news to:

  • An activist, physician, muralist, impresario of public art, and community builder who has been working on Navajo lands to organize collaborative public art works since 1987.
  • A die-hard photographer who has tenaciously brought images of hope and grief from Afghanistan to the world.
  • A printmaker and painter who tinkers with rainbows, ancestral magic, and the femme myth.
  • Two proprietresses of a hedonist survivalist enclave who create story, taxidermy, and ritual about justice, psychedelics, and the wild.
  • The co-founder of a global multi-disciplinary artist collective whose work poetically and subversively takes a deep dive into Middle East politics and culture.
  • A multimedia artist, restorer of religious icons, and orchestrator of public spectacle who is co-creating a tradition to mark the transition of the North Star 13,000 years in the future.

We congratulate this year’s crew who join the legacy of 57 other Makers Muse Artists from the past decade. The legacy lives on!