Announcing the SpiderWeave Flow Fund

Feb 23, 2017
You all know about Kindle Project’s love of Flow Funding right? With nearly a decade of experience, we think it’s kind of obvious by now. But, for those of you that are new to Kindle Project and our quirky ways, our Flow Funding programs catalyze unseen opportunities by widening who influences philanthropic resources. We know this method works AND that there’s a whole lot of room to play. And that’s just what we’re doing through the launch of (get ready for it…) the SpiderWeave Flow Fund.

Ok, so here’s how SpiderWeave works:

    1. Build a Cohort: Partner up with a group of women (1 visionary donor + 3 excited Flow Funders). Marvel at the all-female circle of diverse decision-makers and welcome them into the SpiderWeave realm of curious giving. What kinds of magic will ensue in bringing this group together? 
    2. Flow Fund it out: With support from the Kindle team, Flow Funders make decisions on where the funds will go. What unexpected projects, creators, and ideas will be supported by these diverse new friends of Kindle?
    3. Conversations about and beyond the money: Facilitate a creative learning journey for this cohort through the exploration and sharing of our experiences with trust-based giving. What questions and challenges will this cohort uncover about this practice and how can we take these learnings back to the field of philanthropy?
    4. Storytelling: Work with each Flow Funder and all of their recipients to share their unique stories on our Nexus page throughout the year. What untold stories will be shared through the Kindle megaphone?
    5. Celebrate our SpiderWeave: Kick off an ‘80s themed spandex dance party and reflect on lessons learned at the punch bowl. What webs were woven? What unlikely alliances formed? And, where will this all lead for Flow Funding in the future?

This kind of experimental and experiential grantmaking are the basics of what makes Kindle Project who we are. We’re thrilled to be entering 2017 with this cohort and can’t wait to see what we’ll uncover together.