Announcing our New Kindle Project Grantees!

Aug 15, 2018
Since there was snow on the ground, weā€™ve quietly been building new and exciting partnerships with thirteen new groups.

Our love and commitment to community-based decision-making and scouring the earth for some of the most risky, game changing, and under-recognized work is at the core of what we do.

These groups are creating the solutions, communities, and actions that are so deeply needed. Celebrate their great work with us by reading all about these groups below.

Agriculture Implementation Research & EducationĀ is working to cultivate as many fields and gardens with as many crops and as many people as possible in various communities throughout the Middle and Upper Rio Grande.Ā For schools, service corps, and community groups we offer sustainable agriculture presentations, demonstrations, and workshops. To address our contemporary context of climate change and food insecurity, we also maintain a “living seed library” of locally adapted seeds for agricultural expansion and success.

Dedicated to providing the tools entrepreneurs need to operate, grow, or start their business, Accion offers small business loans ranging from $1,000 to $1Ā million, along with support services, including credit reporting, business counseling, and business resource events.

Since inception, Accion has issued more than 13,128 loans totaling $128.6 million to 8,572 small businesses in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. Accionā€™s client businesses have created or sustained 18,080 jobs. Accion serves a target market of underserved entrepreneurs who face systemic barriers to accessing credit. Each year, approximately 89 percent of our clients are low-to-moderate-income, minority, and/or women entrepreneurs.

Be Present, Inc. builds collective leadership for social justice through providing trainings and systems of support using the Be Present Empowerment ModelĀ®, sustaining a national network of activists, and creating partnerships with nonprofits engaged in the work of creating a just world. We support people from diverse backgrounds to be present in their lives ā€“ to be more effective leaders in creating well being within themselves as well as their families, schools, organizations, and communities.

Brave Girls is an out-of-school leadership and empowerment program for Pueblo Indian girls, grades 7-12, at the Santa Fe Indian School, an historic American Indian boarding school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The participants of Brave Girls experience the promotion and development of: Mentorship, Networking, Consciousness-Building, and Enrichment opportunities throughout the course of the year through the intentional programming geared towards helping them meet our goals and objectives.

NM Con Mujeres is an intergenerational gender justice platform within the SouthWest Organizing Project, a 36 year old social and environmental justice organization. Ā The mission of Con Mujeres is to not only expose the statistical and symptomatic affects of patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism, but to look at these structures as roots of misogyny, feminization of poverty and the degradation of our mother earth. Traditional cultural wisdom and practices, education and healing circles, engaging voices and experiences of those most affected by violence and poverty, occupying public spaces, making elected officials accountable, building relationships with sister organizations statewide, nationally and internationally is how we resist unfair laws, defend our communities, articulate truths and facts, heal and respect ourselves – our communities and our planet to strategize, co create and build new and historic practices for peaceful and healthful forms of public coexistence.

El Llamado is an organizing collective doing incredible, important work to address the economic crisis in Puerto Rico and its roots in colonialism and neoliberalism. Recently, it has also playing an instrumental role in hurricane recovery. Through horizontal organizing approaches, with an emphasis on popular education, the arts, communications, and power analysis, it is working towards a just and democratic Puerto Rico.

INDECLINE is an American Activist Art Collective that was founded in 2001 in California. There are currently dozens of active members throughout the United States as well as some in Mexico and parts of Europe. Utilizing an array of mediums, from film and photography to large-scale murals, billboard alterations and ā€œRobin Hoodā€ style guerilla campaigns, the collective fights social, ecological and environmental injustices carried out by both foreign and domestic government and law enforcement agencies.

Indie Philanthropy is a creative disruption to the status quo of funding. It gives a common name to decentralized, daring funding alternatives that together are poised to reshape the field of philanthropy.

Kindle Project created the Indie Philanthropy Initiative in 2014 after having been trailblazing experimenters of Indie Philanthropy for over eight years. After incubating the Initiative since its launch, the Indie Philanthropy Initiative spun-off from Kindle Project to become its own independent project in early 2016. Kindle Project remains key friends, allies and a Core Partner to the Indie Philanthropy Initiative.

Mijente Support Committee is a digital and grassroots hub for Latinx and Chicanx movement building and organizing. Launched in 2015, Mijente seeks to increase the profile of policy issues that matter to Latinx communities and increase the participation of Latinx and Chicanx people in the broader movements for racial, economic, climate and gender justice. We accomplish this through digital organizing, direct action advocacy campaigns, base building, and strategic communications. Mijente Support Committee is the 501c3 arm of our work, Mijente is our 501c4.

Solace Crisis Treatment Center (Solace) provides complex trauma treatment along with advocacy for children, adults and families who have experienced sexual violence, domestic violence, and other special violent crimes. 24/7 support is provided through our sexual assault crisis hotline, as well as Interpreters for the hearing impaired and English and Spanish Speaking Advocates for all clients, regardless of economic status. Solaceā€™s Education and Prevention Department equips students, teachers, parents, and at-risk populations with evidence-informed tools to prevent sexual violence in our community. Ā To date, Solace has served over 22,000 survivors of sexual assault and trauma and provides this service to communities within a 60-mile radius of its Santa Fe, New Mexico office.

The Springs Echo is a street paper which provides opportunities for education, empowerment, and economic advancement for people experiencing housing insecurity and poverty. This paper is part of a larger, global movement and is a member of the International Network of Street Papers. We are in the process of rebuilding and expanding by hiring one part time vendor manager, graphic designer, and distribution manager. These people will be responsible for recruiting vendors and running monthly vendor orientations, building out a website and laying out the paper, and distributing papers twice weekly and collecting data on distribution respectively. ( brings many disparate Asian American communities together online and offline to reimagine Asian American identity with nuance, specificity, and power. We are using this Asian American identity as the foundation to build a more just and creative world where our experiences are affirmed, our leadership is valued, and all of us have the opportunity to thrive.

Using technology and popular culture, we develop new ways for Asian Americans and our allies to collaborate, create new ways of being, and transform the world around us.

WeCopwatch is a nationwide grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public about their rights when interacting with law enforcement, how to safely and effectively document incidents, and how to de-escalate conflicts with the police. We also advocate for victims of police abuse. Through systematic trainings, education of trainers, and distribution of our know-your-rights materials, we seek to maximize our impact by working directly with vulnerable groups and communities. We believe that everybody should not only know their rights when being stopped by theĀ police but also be prepared to act when they witness questionable police behavior.