Announcing 2017 Makers Muse Artists!

Oct 04, 2017

Hey hey, it’s that time of year again: Makers Muse! We’re thrilled to welcome eight artists into the Kindle Project crew.

They are globetrotting creators making their work in New Mexico, Paris, Austin, Montreal, Philadelphia, New Orleans, the Amazon, Rome, Mexico, Senegal, Haiti, Pakistan… to name a small handful of spots. They are a diverse group in every sense of the word. From their backgrounds to their mediums, this is one of the most eclectic and international group of artists we’ve ever had.

They are painters, illustrators, multimedia mavens, musicians, poets, and sculptors. They are anything but ordinary. They use paint in a way that gives tough subjects a beautiful voice. They ask us pleasantly confronting questions in public spaces. They make music that transforms and poetry to keep in your pocket. They make works that quite literally glitter and they mash metaphors and break free from tradition.

To top it all off, each of these artists are participating in round deux of our Boomerang program! Mic drop.

Until then, get to know these brilliant creatures below and stay tuned, here on our Nexus and Instagram pages where, starting next week, we’ll be featuring each of these artists one at a time. You’ll get their behind the scenes, inner workings, secret images, and surprising stories.