Announcing our End of Year Grantees and Awardees!

Dec 20, 2017

Who is ready for a bit of celebration?! We sure are.

As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, we’re coming up on our 10 year anniversary! But, before we dive into the new year ready to get our party on we want to reflect on this past year and introduce you to our final list of grantees and awardees for 2017.

Even though the past year has been a particularly tough one with, you know… #45 and all, there is still a lot to celebrate in Kindle-land. What is shining most brightly for us, as it always does, is the impressive work of our grantees that are making the needed shifts in the world right now. Just like us, our grantees are cross-pollinators, making connections and effective collaborations across fields and sectors. They are unwavering in their commitment to advancing bright solutions and, as a group, they exemplify the kinds of unifying work we all need right now.

We’ve given out over 50 grants, awards, and gifts this year! This round-up of latest partners shows what can happen when you activate collaborative grantmaking and outside-the-box strategies that are built on trust and deep relationships.

Welcome to our 18 partners coming from our Steering Committee Flow Fund, the SpiderWeave Flow Fund, our Collaborative Donor Flow Fund, and our very own Kindle Project Fund. Need a little refresh on what all this Flow Funding is about? Click here

To get to know more about each of these groups keep on reading.

If you’re as sparked by these groups as we are, please consider an end of year donation to Kindle Project so that we can continue to resource incredible work like this!