Announcement of Kindle Project Photography Awards

Dec 05, 2012

We are honored to announce the recipients of our first
Kindle Project Photography Awards

Agnes Thor
Marie-José Jongerius
Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs

This award has come out of a partnership between Kindle Project and Capricious Magazine, wherein we collaborated in an international call for submissions for their 13th issue focused on the theme of water.

As our global landscape continues to oscillate unpredictably with climate change and powerful emergent social movements, water resource is at the forefront of our minds. From water scarcity to excess, the contentious access between the haves and have-nots, from floods to drought, water is the issue of our time. Our longtime support of the arts and of social and environmental justice movements, combined with Capricious’ impeccable reputation and eye for emerging photographers made our collaboration with Capricious a natural one.

Chosen from hundreds of submissions, we used our combined and varied expertise to carefully consider many talented photographers. Our committee of four (Sophie Morner, Sadaf Cameron, Karen Codd, and Arianne Shaffer) met in Brooklyn, NY at the Capricious office to deliberate over images from around the world. We considered which photographers represented Kindle Project’s and Capricious’ fused missions. We chose those who had promising bodies of work that contributed to the conversation on water, eliciting powerful intellectual and emotional responses.

Each photographer we chose spoke to the high aesthetic standard of Capricious and to one of the central missions of Kindle Project: to bring about awareness and change through art. These unique and careful representations exhibited artistic skill and the breadth by which photographers are tackling perspectives of water in its many forms.

Playful and political, these three awardees have submitted exemplary works that are well deserving of recognition and congratulation.

CAPRICIOUS No. 13 – WATER coming this December to bookshops internationally, and online. And made first available through Art Basel and NADA in Miami, FL.


Agnes Thor


Agnes Thor, born in 1986, works as a photographer in New York City. Originally from Sweden and with a BA in Photography from School of Photography in Gothenburg she often works with photographic docufiction. By combining motifs from different places and times and taking landscapes and people out of its context, she creates new visual stories based on reality but with a fictional content. Her work is greatly influenced by nature and it either functions as a background and subject. Another strong influence and subject in her work is the area and population surrounding her childhood home in the countryside of Sweden.

Her works have been exhibited worldwide, most recently at the Terra Cognita Festival in The Netherlands and in a solo show at Kumla Konsthall in Sweden. In 2010 her first book Aurora Borealis was published by Mörel Books. She is currently working on a larger project revolving around life and death in combination with smaller projects during her travels.

Marie-José Jongerius  


In my landscape pictures I look for bounderies, limits and edges between nature and the manmade world. Where are the interfaces between the organic and the artificial world, and do they fail or succeed. I want to tell stories about mankind not by making pictures of them, but by making pictures of the traces they leave behind in the land.

The photographic essay, “Edges of the Experiment,” explores the liminal relationship between natural and man-made environments. Taken at various locations across the American Southwest over several years, these images attempt to locate interfaces between organic and artificial worlds as tangible borders that question sustainability on both sides of the line.

Marie-José Jongerius observes geography with an attentive eye for those remarkable details that make up our daily lives, and asks the viewer to consider where we live and how we relate to our respective environments.

Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs 

Waterfall jpeg

Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs (both *1979) studied Photography at the University of the Arts in Zurich. They started collaborating in 2003 and have been working together since.

Their practice combines Photography with sculptural, performative and installational parts. Since 2005 they have been exhibiting their work internationally, Solo Shows include PS1 MoMA (2006), Swiss Institute NYC (2008), Kunsthaus Aargau (2009), EX3 Firenze (2010), Kunsthalle Mainz (2011) and MaMM Moscow (2012).

Their first Artist Book, “The Great Unreal”, published by Edition Patrick Frey, 2009, won numerous prizes and is now in its 2nd Edition.


The Kindle Project Photography Awards are made possible through the Kindle Project LLC.