Announcement of Autumn 2012 Grantees!

Dec 11, 2012

As the year draws to a close and 2012 may or may not signal the end of the world, we thought it only fitting that we wrap up this calendar year with a bang. Kindle Project Fund of the Common Counsel Foundation is pleased to introduce you to our Autumn grantees, whom we are so excited to welcome into ourKindle nook. These organizations and projects make up a strong network of dynamic risk-takers, pioneers, edge-walkers and community builders in some incredible fields that need our focused attention.

With nine new and six returning grantees on our docket this winter, we have an exciting year ahead.  We hope you will be as thrilled as we have been to learn more about their work, the people within these groups, and the movements that they are helping to grow and shift. From and with them, and with you, we’ll be learning about topics ranging from money in the US electorate to the creative use of gastronomy in the food justice movement, and so much in between! The creative and committed endeavors represented by our November 2012 grantees is nothing short of inspiring, a loud and clear call to action on so many fronts.

With voices strong, minds open, and brains collaborating, we are certain you’ll want to join us in 2013 as we get to know these folks and their work. Keep in touch with them here on our blog, check out their blogs and websites, and remember to stay informed with all kinds of Kindle news on our Facebook page. You can also visit the Nexus page on our website to see this list along with our Spring grantees. What a great year!