Announcement of 2013 Makers Muse Recipients

Aug 13, 2013

• Nao Bustamante • Cohdi Harrell • Trevor Paglen • Dread Scott •

Lorna Simpson • Erika Wanenmacher • Juice Rap News •

Hanging weightlessly from ceilings; casting spells and crafting sculptures; capturing the remote identifiers of war; burning money; rapping reportage on tendentious issues with hilarity and accuracy; taking traditional notions of culture and identity by the horns and hair; brazen stage performance and cheeky video making—these are just some of the fierce sparks of skill and talent that this year’s Makers Muse Recipients have in their pockets.

It’s our five-year anniversary for the Makers Muse Award. Half a decade and twenty-nine recipients later we could not be more proud and excited to share with you our awardees for 2013.

This group of seven is our most cross-disciplinary crew yet. Hailing from various fields, they typify the feisty spirit of this award. Each artist on this list breaks boundaries with tenacity and grace. They all show us what it can mean to be a Maker and they’ve got us on the edge of our seats.