Announcement of 2014 Solutions Lab Cohort

Dec 10, 2013

Earlier this year we put out our first ever open Request for Proposals for the Solutions Laboratory program. We asked Northern New Mexicans to take creative action in the face of climate change, and we were overwhelmed with the quality of submissions and the audacious innovations proposed to us.

With 39 applications and a limited number of spots in the cohort, decision-making was very tough. We wanted to honor the diversity of Northern New Mexico and as such we were thrilled to discover that people and organizations ranging in age, background, interest and perspective presented themselves to us.

With our stellar Selection Committee we were able to make our final decisions for the cohort, compiling a motley crew of locals whose ideas are at once tenacious and inventive. This group will be working together intensively together with two great facilitators over the next four months. We’ll be tracking some of their ideas, collaborations, and experiences here on the site and we can’t wait to see what this group will come up with.

Below, you can read about each cohort member, the organizations some of them are representing, and the initial spark of their ideas, which came from their original applications to the program.