Afghanistan Fund

Aug 19, 2021

Dearest Kindle Community,

I am writing to you today at a pivotal moment. We’ve all witnessed the incredible historical events in Afghanistan unfolding over the past week. I know many of you feel anger and shame about America’s ongoing role in Afghanistan and its disastrous withdrawal. I also know many of you have felt helpless in the face of the enormous and volatile reality facing the Afghan people. I feel that weight too. As an Afghan-American, this situation is close to my heart

It is possible to move that sense of hopelessness into action. That is why I am grateful to announce the launch of the Kindle Project Afghanistan Fund. This fund will provide support to organizations working with artists, artisans, women, and girls who are at risk inside Afghanistan or have managed to relocate outside of the country.

Kindle Project has a decade of experience supporting artists and women. The Afghanistan Fund extends our expertise to organizations that work with Afghan women and artists. I am fortunate to work with a team that is poised to move money with on-the-ground experience and a lot of heart. Please join us!

We are seeking minimum donations of $5,000 to reach our goal of $250,000 as soon as possible. You can donate online, by check, or by wire. Please visit our website for detailed donation information and to learn more about the specifics of the fund visit here.

Thank you to each and every one of you that has reached out to show me love and offer support during this time. You have warmed my heart and inspired me with hope.


photo by Simon Norfolk