The Future of Kindle Project and Indie Philanthropy

Feb 02, 2016
Greetings Kindle Project and Indie Philanthropy communities,

Happy New Year. As many of you have been waiting to hear about the future of Kindle Project, I write you today with exciting news.

2015 was a year of embracing unknowns and potentials. For the last couple of years, Kindle Project has been working towards diversifying our donor pool to continue our creative, outside-the-box grantmaking programming. Today, I am giddy with excitement to announce that Kindle Project remains alive and kickin’ in 2016! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to our donors, our grantees, and our incomparable team for your unwavering support. I couldn’t be more smitten.

With an eye to our future, we are focusing on refinement and experimentation in our work. Our search for new donor partners continues while we put bodacious grantmaking programming into practice. Our small and mighty team has been cooking up some mildly ludicrous ideas and we can’t wait to share them with you.

But first, as many of you may know, the Indie Philanthropy Initiative was created, funded and incubated by Kindle Project. Since our launch, it’s been incredible to see the Initiative expand and be of service to the field of philanthropy. At the end of last year we decided it was time for the Indie Philanthropy Initiative to spin-off and become its own independent organization. We made this decision for both Kindle Project and Indie Philanthropy to be able to fully flourish in our distinct missions. Kindle Project will continue to be a collaborator, friend and Core Partner in the mission of Indie Philanthropy and we’re psyched to see how the Initiative will grow from here.

I am pleased to announce that our very own Arianne Shaffer is stepping into a new leadership role as the Director of the Indie Philanthropy Initiative. In addition, Kindle Project is lucky to have her continue on in her role as our Communications Director. So many hats! But, our crew has always been known to look good in hats.
And well, you know, change looks better with bling. Both organizations are actively fundraising and looking for donor partners to support our awesome missions. To learn more about supporting Kindle Project click here and to learn more about supporting Indie Philanthropy click here.

With love, as always, cheers, salaams, fist-bumps, whut whuttttt…!


P.S. Here’s our core team. In hats. From left to right: 1) Sadaf Cameron, Director of Kindle Project, a.k.a Nomadic Farmer. 2) Arianne Shaffer, Comms Director at Kindle Project and Director of Indie Philanthropy, a.k.a Fly Girl Wannabe. 3) Fatima van Hattum, Program Manager at Kindle Project, a.k.a Hijabi Cowgirl. 

Indie Philanthropy + Grassroots Grantmakers!

We are proud to announce that the Indie Philanthropy Initiative has teamed up with Grassroots Grantmakers (GRGM) this year! GRGM strengthens and connects funders who strengthen and connect residents where they live. GRGM is will be the fiscal sponsor for IPI as well as a key collaborator and Core Partner in the Initiative moving forward.