2018 Program Announcement

Mar 28, 2018
Nowruz Mubarak and happy spring equinox to each of you!

We’ve had a productive start to the year and we are finally ready to share what we’ve been cooking up. With new and returning friends, we’re continuing to push the envelope of what’s possible. But, we didn’t want to keep all this goodness to ourselves so, here’s what’s been inspiring us and we hope it will be just as inspiring for you.

Happy Birthday to Us, All Year Long!
You might remember that in December we told you that 2018 is our 10-year anniversary! As any good party planner knows, it’s all in the details. As we are putting the finishing touches of our celebration, here’s what we can tell you without ruining the surprise:

  • It’s going to be 10 times better than what you expect;
  • We’ve got 10 returning Kindle grantees coming in as anniversary Flow Funders;
  • We’ve got their 10 Flow Funds that will bring us unexpected and diverse grantees all year long;
  • Starting in July we’ve got a very special way for you to get involved. Sneak peak… Kindle’s first open and international call for actionable ways to address interesting and important issues and themes.

It’s going to be pretty lit over here. Stay tuned…
P.S. This party planning needs your support. We’re fundraising and all contributions help!

Announcing SpiderWeave 2018
Remember how we cast our Flow Funding webs out into the world last year with our first SpiderWeave Flow Funding cohort? It was so excellent and successful that we decided to run the program again but, naturally, with a twist!

Our 2017 cohort decided to expand the circle and each nominate one new Flow Funder to join the SpiderWeave mix. Our SpiderWeaving crew has doubled in size and remains a cohort of all women! The conversations and grantmaking that occurred during the 2017 SpiderWeave program were so rich and revelatory we simply can’t wait to see what this year’s expanded cohort will bring.

Announcing the Slow Fuse Flow Fund
Speaking of the magic of a Flow Funding cohort…

Meet the Slow Fuse Flow Fund — an exciting new program launched in collaboration with our friends The Womadix Fund and inspired by the work of NewMexicoWomen.Org.

The Slow Fuse Flow Fund is launching this May with a new cohort of New Mexico based women who will come together to strengthen the gender justice movement in New Mexico, while addressing power dynamics inherent in traditional philanthropy. Additionally, we will document our progress along the way and creating a Flow Funding guide to share with the philanthropic community.

We are thrilled to take our passions around democratized philanthropy, gender justice, community-building, and feminism into this dynamic new experiment, and right here at home in NM.

Makers Muse Artists Awards
Our Makers Muse Artist Award program is our longest running grantmaking program (10 years!) and remains our legacy work – a nod to our founding passions. Need a little refresh of how Kindle came to be in the first place? Click here.

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