10th Year Birthday Bash Flow-Funding Roundup

Sep 05, 2019

Throughout our tenth year, we’ve kept on doing what we do… revolutionizing grantmaking by diversifying decision-making, shifting power and backing serious change-makers. BUT beyond the usual, we also spun up our first open call: the Carousel Awards. It was 10 months, 10 questions, 10 $1K prizes.

Of course we couldn’t just post a regular old open call—it had to fit our participatory ethos. We know that bringing new voices to the table is one of the most potent things we can do to disrupt the status quo. So, we invited ten past grantees to become Anniversary Partners and join in a three-course birthday bash:

First, we honored those partners with a Kindle Project grant…

Second, we asked them each to pay it forward by nominating a new group for a Kindle Project grant…

Third, we had them devise a question for a monthly Carousel Award open call. As responses rolled in, a winner was selected each month by a motley crew of decision-makers from our communities…

Woohoo! And phew! That was our 10th year… More than 50 decision makers, over 150 applicants. 30 projects awarded. We planted seeds and fanned creative flames—just what we wanted for our birthday. We’re really excited to be entering our second decade, grateful for your support, and glad you’re coming along for the journey.

Thanks again to our 10 Year Anniversary Partners, big shout-outs to their Flow Fund grantees, and congrats to the Carousel winners!

Breaking It Down

July, 2018: United Roots flowed to YES! and asked: “How can youth of color create innovative solutions to address displacement of their communities resulting from gentrification?” Winning response: Gameheads

August, 2018: Nova Ruth flowed to Art Here Istanbul, and asked: “How do you propose to harness the wisdom of your ancestors in helping communities survive in the anthropocene?” Winning response: Atava Swiecicki, Ancestral Apothecary

September, 2018: Majal flowed to Whose Knowledge? and asked: “What can you do to help independent musicians sustain their art?” Winning response: Brownsville Community Justice Center, Sounds of Brownsville

October, 2018: The Wildfire Project flowed to Dream Defenders, and asked: “How are you integrating a climate change lens into your work on immigrant rights, black liberation, housing justice, or queer liberation?” Winning response: Maya Cueva, Being Ale

November, 2018: Alas de Agua flowed to Three Sisters Collective, and asked: “How does your art create spaces for polarized views to intersect and heal?” Winning response: Yara Liceaga-Rojas, Poetry Is Busy

February, 2019: Jibz Cameron aka Dynasty Handbag flowed to California Coalition for Women Prisoners, and asked: “How are you using comedy to deal with the political shitstorm in the United States?” Winning response: Heidi Rider, The Garbage Pile Babies

March, 2019: Sins Invalid flowed to Segorea Te’ Land Trust, and asked: “How do you celebrate and strengthen the collective power of disabled people, especially people of color?” Winning response: Bri Moore, Power Not Pity Podcast

April, 2019: ZZK Records flowed to Discos CAIFE, and asked: “How does your creative work give back to the indigenous communities it is inspired by?” Winning response: Franklin Lopez, Rad Film School

May, 2019: Nika Khanjani flowed to: Grassroots Leadership, and asked: “How does your work support the mental health of your community?” Winning response: Lorenzo P. Lewis, The Confess Project

June, 2019: High Mayhem flowed to: Off Lomas, and asked: “How does your work use improvisation to better our communities in New Mexico?” Winning response: Empowerment Congress of Doña Ana County, Descoloniz-ARTE