10 Year Anniversary Partner — ZZK Records

Apr 24, 2019
Grant C. Dull
ZZK Records & ZZK Films

I often think to myself what role we’re playing at ZZK Records and ZZK Films when it comes to contributing to the culture, music and story-telling from the region we so dearly love and represent, Latin America.

How are we building and collaborating with these deep traditions steeped in life experiences from a continent full of rich and powerful cultures and peoples? Will our contribution stand the test of time?

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Bolivia to work with Luzmila Carpio. Luzmila is quite possibly the most renowned indigenous singer of Latin America. From the age of 16 she left her Quecha community in Potosi, one full of strong women according to legend, and started singing, first around her country, then around the world. Traveling with her nearly 50 years later and listening to her life experiences really had quite an impact on our team. It’s as if we had once again connected to a part of the culture we so passionately love, but on a whole new level. Bolivia was a game changer, once again, as Ecuador was before.

We collaborated with Luzmila back in 2015 to some beautiful results, and now 4 years later we’re directly working with her. The warmth and openness of the people of Bolivia was uplifting. We were welcomed into homes and communities with broad smiles and enthusiasm. I pondered the work we were doing as just that, a modern day contribution to this culture. The fact that we have the power to document these stories, these spaces and places, this culture at this moment in time is truly a gift, not only to us but to those who are on the other end of the screen. We hope to be doing justice to these cultures via the lenses of our cameras and the music we release to the world.

I think I’ve just answered my own question. Not only do I have the opportunity to work with young musicians and artists building on long standing traditions, but we’re also working with artists like Luzmila Carpio, Papa Roncon, Enrique Males, Las Tres Marias, helping them get their music, art and stories out to the world. I’m pretty sure that’s our contribution to the history of this continent. Can’t wait to tell the next story!

Click through the gallery below to see behind the scenes photos of our journey to Bolivia with Luzmila Carpio. It’s a documentary and album we’re working on with her.