Through grantmaking and dynamic collaboration, Kindle Project fosters a nexus of extraordinary creative ideas and cultivators to imagine and inspire change.

Grants to Organizations

We fund people and projects at critical moments of impact and transformation—locally, nationally, and internationally.

We seek out people and projects—often at pivotal times contextually, organizationally, or personally—working towards one or more of the following goals:

  • Solutions leading to systemic change
  • Creating alternatives to structural collapse
  • Transforming conflict
  • Challenging outmoded systems and frameworks
  • Holding, practicing and integrating the wisdom of traditional knowledge
  • Educating outside of mainstream paradigms
  • Creating small projects with a big impact
  • Fostering generosity

Our funding is relationship-based, which means that we tailor our engagement based on grantees’ true needs and big dreams, and our best offerings.

  • We honor and support creative or informal organizational and project structures.
  • We fund individuals, independent projects, and informal groups as well as formal 501c3 nonprofit organizations.
  • We talk with our grantees over the course of the year, exploring other ways Kindle Project might assist them in carrying out their work.
  • We welcome feedback and learn from our grantees, inviting suggestions for how we can do our work better.

Our grantmaking programs fall under two separate structures:

The Kindle Project Fund of the Common Counsel Foundation

  • Grants to Tax-Exempt Organizations
  • Solutions Laboratory
  • Flow Funds

Kindle Project LLC

  • Awards to Individuals
  • Makers Muse Awards
  • Flow Funds
  • Solutions Laboratory

Kindle Project is a fiscally sponsored project of the Common Counsel Foundation.

As of 2012, all of our grants to organizations are funded through the Kindle Project Fund of the Common Counsel Foundation.

Proposal Submission Process

Grants are solicited and awarded by invitation only. Due to our limited staff capacity, we are unable to respond to unsolicited grant requests. The application process is structured with our grantee partners on a case-by-case basis.

Grant Cycle Timeline

Spring Cycle
Proposals due: March 31
Grants dispersed: By early May
Reports due: March 1 of the following year

Fall Cycle
Proposals due: October 31
Grants dispersed: Early December
Reports due: October 1 of the following year

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Makers Muse Awards

Awards to individual artists are meant to elevate and encourage artists and their works in various stages. Awards are given without bias to mediums or forms.

Kindle Project’s Makers Muse Award honors artists working in all mediums and forms: traditional and experimental, classic and contemporary. We are interested in artists who are:

Questioning, confronting, exploring, framing or reframing:

  • Perceptions of identity
  • Worldviews and the collective conscious
  • Individual and social conditioning
  • Relationships between nature, culture, and technology
  • The consensus of what is beautiful and what is ugly
  • The institutionalization of who can experience art and how it is experienced
  • Political frameworks and authority
  • Sensuality

Working in traditional and experimental modes to:

  • Subvert advertisement pollution and mass media
  • Expose inequality and injustice
  • Make art accessible and interactive
  • Entice whimsy and play
  • Spread laughter
  • Engage otherwise sleepwalking audiences
  • Push the envelope of existentialist inquiry

Each year we award up to seven recipients in early Autumn.

Awards are made through nomination and by invitation only.

Makers Muse Awards are made possible through the Kindle Project LLC.

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Flow Funds

Flow Funding democratizes philanthropy by empowering grantees to select new and unexpected recipients for funding within their communities.

Flow Funding, an approach  developed by Marion Rockefeller Weber, empowers individuals with funds they can reallocate to the communities, organizations and individuals of their choice. This builds autonomy, trust and ultimately makes room for redistribution of decision-making power.

This core piece of our programming has enabled Kindle Project funds to reach interest areas and communities that were not otherwise on our radar since 2008.

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Awards to Individuals

Kindle Project gives awards to passionate and committed individuals leading great projects.

Kindle Project gives gifts to individuals who demonstrate dedication, passion, courage, and leadership in their work and communities.

Awards to Individuals are made possible through the Kindle Project LLC.

KP Photography Awards

International, theme-based photography awards are intended provoke awareness and change through photography. Created in partnership with Capricious Magazine.

In 2012, Kindle Project partnered with Capricious Magazine to internationally solicit and select water-themed photos for their 13th issue.

Three photographers were chosen for the Kindle Project Photography Awards from hundreds of submissions. The winning photographs embodied Capricious’ high aesthetic standard and expressed one of the central missions of Kindle Project: bringing about awareness and change through art.

Kindle Project Photography Awards are made possible through the Kindle Project LLC.

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Solutions Laboratory

An intensive program aimed at nurturing creative solutions and alternatives to complex problems.

The Kindle Project Solutions Laboratory is aimed at nurturing early stages of creativity, bringing people and organizations together to catalyze existing potential and inspire community-rooted solutions to complex issues.

Kindle Project identifies the issue and through a Request for Proposals process selects individuals and organizations, artists, students and professionals in a variety of fields who are committed to addressing it.

Recipients each receive a small grant and participate collaboratively in a four-month intensive learning and development cohort that provides peer support, experiential learning and expertise to develop both the concepts and participant capabilities. At the end of the projects, these solutions are ready to move into their next phase of development or implementation.

This program is adaptable for other funders and partners interested in seeding and nurturing innovative solutions and serves as an example of creatively leveraging small-sized grantmaking.

All cohort stories will be featured on Kindle’s Nexus page where they will serve to inspire and inform communities internationally.

To read the September 9, 2013 press release announcing this program, click here.

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